Snacks for your Sweethearts

 It has become quite a trend for a festive board for the holidays and I had a LOT of fun this month. I created two Valentine themed boards!

The first was such a fun concept to bring to life. I really wanted to make a duel candy board that looked like a cherry. I got a small round cutting board from Hello Penngrove over the holidays and became instantly obsessed, so I had to get another. I loaded up on ALL the red and pink candies and of course, cherry macarons by Soiree. I used little red bowls and plates and added a faux stem. HOW DANG CUTE



For something a little more savory, I did and cheese and chocolate board. This one was purely from what I had around the house! It is the perfect thing to indulge in at home on Valentines Day!


Hope you have a sweet Valentines Day!



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