Halloween Snack Boards

It’s becoming one of my favorite things to create charcuterie and snack board! My pencil board from Back to School was such a hit, the bar was high. I couldn’t do just one for Halloween so I went sweet and savory!


I have an abundance of brie in my freezer right now, so I thought little brie ghosts would be SO CUTE. and I had to do something interesting with the shape, so I took my round marble cutting board and styled it in a crescent moon. 

I layered it with dark and spooky items like prosciutto, black berries, fig crackers, beets and guacamole. I added some savory macaroons, rock candy and a skull lolli pop from our most recent House of Fete shoot and it came out SO CUTE. A little olive olive with edible gold stars for dipping bread and there you go! 



When it came to sweet, I really wanted to recreate the cookie board I did for St. Patricks day, but instead use a pumpkin and trick or treat candy! I worked together with Royally Iced and Soiree Macarons to create a rainbow of candy and I LOVE how it came out. I layered in candies from Ellie and Piper and meringue ghosts which are too cute for words! 


I hope you love them both!


Garlands | Acrylic Stir sticks




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