BOO Baskets 2020

You know baskets are my JAM! This is year 3 I’ve done Halloween baskets for the girls, I just figure, if I’m going to get them cute, festive things, they might as well go in a basket. You can see 2019 HERE and 2018 HERE. This year I wanted to do something completely different than I have in the past, so I went vertical.


I always have a hard time buying the girls three of the same thing, so I tried to mix it up and get them all a little something different. making their baskets go up really helped show off all the fun things!

Another basket tip is using baskets you have around the house or something you will use after. I found these crates for $5 on amazon and I use them as toy storage. WIN, WIN!


Hope you enjoyed and it sparks some inspiration!


Crates: Amazon | Urban Outfitters

Toys and Books: Why and Whale

Hat: Little Blue Olive

Tags: Chalk Designs By Me

Rainbow: Yukiko Fiber Creations

Flags: Uni Girl


Crayons: Whimsi Color Shop

Pjs: Gap

T-shirts: June and Gray

Garlands: Pearl and Jane

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