Getting’ Lucky

Well, we are still “moving” and spending some time in Denver, CO with family while we wait for our stuff to arrive to California. So I am skipping St. Patricks day… kinda. I won’t be able to decorate, get our our books or set up any fun parties so I wanted to show you what I am lusting over in the small shop world for this fun holiday! Any holiday with extra rainbows and gold- I am here for!

And a VERY special something this holiday, do you see that little bow in the mix? It was made by one of my favorites, Zozu Baby, and the fabric was designed by ME! I hand drew the tiny shamrocks and rainbows and I am obsessed! The girls will be wearing them EVERY DAY for the month of March!

Now, I will be planning to go ALL OUT for Easter, inspo and plans are coming, stay tuned!

St Patty


Balloon Garland + Confetti | Rainbow Plate, Green Plate, Gold Cups | Felt Ball Garlands | Wood Shamrock Round| Sweatshirt | Bow



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