My Tiny Girl Gang {at home with Pink Blush}

I wanted to do one more photoshoot with Brennan while she was still tiny. I planned an at home shoot with just the girls and I. I wanted to be in a more relaxed environment and get some photos of them in their rooms and around our home. I may or may not have scheduled this shoot on Father’s Day while Danny was at the golf course, although I still don’t have a photo of all 5 of us…

Meredith Zimmerman came over, and I had the places I wanted to shoot cleaned (aka, shoved everything in closets, because getting all four of us ready is next to impossible). I dressed the girls in all white and they each had a different pink bow. I wanted them to look girly and sweet, even though there were in tears and throwing tantrums #toddlers. Brennan’s knotted gown is Candy Kirby Designs and all the bows are some of my favorite classics from Wunderkin Co. Home shoot perk… easy bow changes!

As for me, getting ready these days, SUCKS. Let’s face it, the first couple months after pregnancy, nothing fits and if something does it’s too hot, and you have to be able to nurse easily. Thanks to Pink Blush, I was the easiest one to get ready! Pink Blush gifted me this amazing dress, did you know they did more than maternity wear? Because, I had no clue. This dress is not a maternity dress, but it is nursing friendly, which a MUST. It has an empire waist and forgiving where it needs to be, perfectly covering up my 2 week postpartum belly. It has the sweetest detailing, and is the PERFECT shade of pink. I felt so comfortable and could easily juggle all three girls during the photoshoot. Thank goodness getting myself ready was easy, if it wasn’t, my 3 year old wouldn’t be the only one on the floor in tears #hormones.


After A LOT of M&M bribes, sweat, and tears, for everyone, I am so thrilled with how these photos turned out of my tiny girl gang. Thank you again to Meredith for capturing all these special moments and to Pink Blush for making it look easy!


Brennan’s Full nursery tour is coming tomorrow and you can find the girls room here.



This post was sponsored by Pink Blush #shoppinkblush #prettyinpinkblush




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