Happy Birthday Ray


I cannot believe a year has gone by so quickly- and packed full of so many big events. Hurricanes, weddings, funerals- you name it and you’ve been through it.

You are the sweetest, happiest baby ever. You are your sisters best friend and a trooper for always standing up to a powerful toddler.

You’ve become my tiny sidekick, either wrapped up on my chest or on my hip.

You are your daddy’s twin, and when you look at him you know it. Your love for him is like no other.

Your smile is contagious and your crooked little teeth make you that much more perfect.

I’m not sure why it’s so hard to see you turn one- maybe because you’re the baby, but I’ve kind of been dreading this day. Stay little forever please- I will do everything I can to soak up all the baby!

We are spending your birthday which as much color, confetti and fun as possible. Doing all the traditions like a balloon filled crib and funfetti pancakes! Now, we look forward to your birthday party next weekend!

Confetti by Studio Pep from Suga Mama’s Bakery | Outfit | Garland | Party Hat |Doll | Baby Book | Cake Stand (similar)

Happy birthday RiRi

I love you so much



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