Inside my Fawn

So the hints worked this Mother’s Day and I got a new Fawn Design bag. I, of course, had to move everything out of my other fawn πŸ™ˆ and into my new one immediately. So as I was reorganizing I thought I’d share what lives in my bag every day with a 9-month-old and a 2.5-year-old. I went inside the bag on my Instagram stories and just linked everything here.

Diaper Bag

Totesavvy organizer I have the grey one but I’m totally lusting after the blush leather Fawn collab 😍

Snack container

Bow bag

Teething toy | teething necklace

Cart/ nursing cover

Solly baby wrap

A bottle I usually just keep water in it for Ray

The changing clutch came with the bag

This holds diapers, wipes, and a changing mat. Both this fawn and my totesavvy came with changing mats!

Poop bags- dollar store!

What I’m missing:

I need entertainment, something like crayons or new little toys that can occupy Denver. I love this Fawn because it has a big open pocket on the back that will fit my iPad and makes it super easy to travel with.

Inside my beach bag

Beach bag was a gift

Enamel pins

Swim bag

In here I have hats, sunscreen, cover-ups, change of clothes. This company is amazing for diaper clutches and snack clutches.

Personal clutch.

I’m using this one from Raisins because usually, the only place I go without there girls is to work on the beach! But it’s so cute and perfect! This is where my wallet, sunglasses, and phone lives if I don’t have my Fawn.

Anther solly but I wish I had THIS

Breezy nursing cover

This is the same company but half of the cover is perforated, so if I’m feeding Ray on the beach it’s not as hot under the cover!

Diaper clutch with wipes and diapers, any kind of clutch will do, I use an old Kate Spade clutch. If you want to be super cool (cooler than me) join Studio DIY Can’t Clutch This and mix it up every month.


Head over to my stories to see a more in-depth look!



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