Becoming a Big Sister

I’ve been planning a big sister gift for Denver and it has finally come together. Baby sister will have it waiting for her at the hospital when they meet, because becoming a big sister is a really BIG deal! I literally cannot wait for these girls to meet, I can already picture the tea parties, laughter, and dress up (until they’re teenagers, of course).

Getting a baby sister is VERY exciting,  but I want to make sure Denver feels special when all the attention is going to be on the babe. I put together a little box of goodies that she’ll love. A few books to read, pink and gold clips (which I’m obsessed with) and a sweet card she can keep forever. I also got her baby Stella so she can have her own baby to take care of when I’m busy with a new baby.

The big sister, of course, has to have a very special outfit, and it has to be pink! This pink tutu dress is perfect, (And on sale for $5) and a ‘party girl’ necklace from Hooray Everyday makes it absolutely perfect. If all goes as planned, there will be pink velvet cupcakes with sprinkles and a gold big sister topper too!

I can’t wait for D to open this and enjoy in the excitement of having a new baby around and all the goodies that come with it!






xo, Kelsey

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